Shubert - Brush for dogs and cats

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size L, black

Shubert brush with soft bristles for effective care of cat and dog fur.

Shubert animal care products will allow you to relax and turn the care of the animal's fur into a pleasant and fun activity.


High quality

The Shubert brush has an extremely high quality cushion, which is soft and elastic, so it bends when combing according to how strongly or gently you perform combing movements.


Special design handle

The brush handle is ergonomic, so it won't bother your hands and wrists. You will be able to comb the animal with various techniques and directions.


Fur care

With this brush you will be able to spray the dog's or cat's fur, remove the dead hair, comb out small screeds. The brush is suitable for animals with silky or medium-length fur.


Special bristles

The long brush bristles are made of specially selected softstainless steel wire. The brush is perfect for the daily care and massage of the dog's coat, it stimulates the blood circulation of the animal's skin.



  • Dimensions: 7x4.73x0.8 in.
  • Size L.
  • Composition – stainless steel.
  • R
  • Designed for: dogs and cats.
Color – black.