Shubert - Comb Ultra Premium

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size L, 8.66 in

Schubert Ultra Premium combs 101 T long teeth for effective care of cat and dog fur. Schubert animalcare products allow you to relax and turn the animal's fur care into a pleasant and fun activity.


Exclusive design
These handmade comb looks elegant, pure steel handles wrap each tooth so that there are no stabs –the comb through the coat simply floats, does not clog and plucks.


Highest quality
Ultra Premium comb is ultra-durable, corrosion resistant, high temperature and antistatic, which is usually formed by combing the animal's fur.


Fur care
With these comb you will be able to shake out the dog's or cat's fur, remove the still-dead hair, comb out even large slings. Combs are especially suitable for long-haired cats and dogs.


Two inthe world
The comb is double-sided, on one side their teeth have narrower gaps and wider on the other side. These comb will be convenient not only for combing, but also for clipping the animal.


Features :

The composition is steel.

Dimensions: 0.9 in.

Size : L.

32L, 101 T.

For: dogs and cats.

1/3 dense part, 2/3 rare teeth.