Shubert - Comb with handle

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red, 7.20 in

Shubert comb with tail ZenAluminiumfor effective cat and dogfur care.

Shubert animal care products will allow you to relax and turn the care of the animal's fur into a pleasant and fun activity.


Exclusive design

With an updated design, extremely light combs with an aluminum handle lie comfortably in the hand, it is much more convenient to handle them than a comb of the usual shape. A small comb will fit perfectly into your pocket.


Highest quality

These combs are extremely durable, resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and static load, which is usually formed when combing the animal's fur.


Fur care

With these combs you will be able to spray the dog's or cat's fur, remove the smiling dead hair. The comb has a tapering handle that will help you distribute and distinguish the coat. Shubert combs are especially suitable for long-haired cats and dogs.



  • Composition : aluminium.
  • Dimensions: 72 in.
  • Size: 4x1.22x0.16 in.
  • Color - red.
  • Designed for: dogs and cats.


Made in Taiwan.