Tauro Pro Line - Pet care set: Healthy Coat 3x33.8 FL. oz

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1 pc.

Complete care set of our best-selling products for all colour coats. Three step system for a perfect coat!

I Step Cleaning - Healthy Coat Deep Cleaning Shampoo 33.8 oz

  • Sage extract regulates the secretion of fat, ensures a healthy shine of the coat;
  • Helps fight dandruff;
  • Retains moisture, improves the quality of damaged hair, promotes the growth of new hair;
  • Helps reduce electrification of pet coat and makes it easier to comb out;
  • Contains ingredients to keep coat and skin clean.

The goal is to wash hair and skin well - to prepare for the next step.

II Step Function - Healthy Coat Hydrating Shampoo 33.8oz

  • Almond extract improves the protective function of the skin, has moisturizing properties, restores hair structure;
  • Gives coat softness, maintains proper moisture in pet coat and skin;
  • Maintains long-lasting shine of the coat, helps to restore damaged hair;
  • Deeply moisturizes and nourishes the coat, restores damaged hair, promotes new hair growth;
  • The active ingredients protect the hair from branching.

Gives the desired result.

III Step Fixation - Healthy Coat Hydrating Mask 33.8oz

  • The active ingredients in the mask - almond extract, panthenol and lipid complex - create an intense moisturizing effect, at the same time restores hair structure, promotes hair regeneration;
  • Panthenol facilitates the combing process, softens the coat and gives shine, increases the strength of collagen fibers;
  • The lipid complex fills the cracks in the hair because it is made up of bio-lipids that lie in every cell;
  • Perfect for use with other hair restoring products such as Tauro Pro Line Elixir no. 2.

Captures the result and gives a long-lasting effect.