Tauro Pro Line - Pet drying machine 41.54x25.79x36.61 in + pet coat dryer IONIC Technology

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Tauro Pro Line pet dryer is a necessity for pet groomers, kennels, veterinarians and other professionals.



Can you imagine a smooth and easy way to care for several pets at once? Dry freshly bathed pet, while bathing another one! This saves you time and makes your work more efficient by giving the pets maximum comfort.



Drying without stress:


  • When working as a groomer, it is often necessary to bathe not one pet, but several at once.


  • Dryer saves your time, you’ll work efficiently without leaving a wet pet waiting for its turn to get dried


  • Your pet will warm up immediately after bathing


  • After the dryer has done its work, combing pet’s coat will be easy and effortless



Special drying temperature control


The dryer program allows you to choose the right temperature from five different temperature modes to make the most of it to your needs.



Advanced air circulation system:


  • Three adjustable air blowing speeds


  • The animal is always supplied with fresh air


  • There's no moisture inside.


Modern disinfection system and easy maintenance:

  • Dryer equipped with modern UV ozone system for disinfection


  • The dryer has a special filter for convenient hair collection.


Easy LCD control:


  • Temperature control


  • Adjusting the air blowing speed




  • Colour: white.


  • Ozone sterilization.


  • External dimensions: 41.54 x 25.79 x 36.61 in


  • Internal dimensions: 40.94 x 20.86 x 27.55 in.
The Tauro Pro Line coat dryer with integrated ionic technology is a small, lightweight and modern coat dryer ideal for both everyday and professional use. 4in1 technology – efficient drying and untangling of the coat without the use of a brush, plus ion technology.

Portable, compact, lightweight and powerful, it can be used at home, at exhibitions or in mobile grooming salons, and can also be used with a stand.

What makes ion technology special?

  • This technology generates negative ions that help eliminate the static charge on the coat.
  • Your pet's coat is smoothly dried, making it softer and giving it an extra shine.
  • Ion technology also helps water evaporate faster, so the coat is exposed to less heat. This allows you to keep it healthy and radiant.
  • The coat dryer with integrated ionic technology reduces the electrostatic effect of the coat and shortens the drying process, so that the coat can be cared for, combed and shaped more efficiently.

Includes essential and handy accessories:

  • wide nozzle to spread the air jet widely and dry a larger area faster
  • round nozzle to concentrate the air jet in a smaller area
  • narrow nozzle that concentrates and intensifies the air jet, allowing you to dry wet coat, blow out loose undercoat and straighten the coat extremely quickly
  • hose with a handle to protect against heat, ensuring comfortable grip of the hairdryer and allowing to concentrate on drying the pet's coat.

The flexible hose and different nozzles allow to adjust the strength and concentration of the air jet and adaptation to different coat types. The hose and filter are easy to remove, clean and attach for simple daily maintenance. In addition, the handle of the dryer is covered with heat-proof neoprene for comfortable work even in extended periods of use.

Powerful motor with low-energy consumption

This dryer has one powerful motor. The 2200 W motor dryer outperforms even two-motor dryers. The improved airflow force and friction allow the appliance to achieve a higher energy ratio, resulting in cost-effective power consumption and energy savings of up to 30%.


Advanced technology for your quiet work without disturbing other professionals nearby, and without causing significant stress to the pet.

Easily adjustable for high air flow, volume and temperature

  • This dryer has an advanced internal air circulation design and flow pattern to ensure a high flow and volume of air and quick coat drying results.
  • The adjustable air flow, from slow to extra strong, makes drying your pet's coat a pure pleasure and, most importantly, comfortable for it. Two air modes – hot and cold.

The elegant, innovative and multifunctional design allows to use the coat dryer in the way that suits you best:

  • placed on the ground, on a table or other surface
  • suspended from the ceiling
  • suspended on a stand with the hose support for easier use. For information on the stand, click here
  • use with the stand and pipe set, to eliminate the need to hold the hair dryer in your hands and make coat drying even more comfortable and easy. 

This dryer features an improved exterior design with an elegant polished surface 

Safe and durable

Made from the highest quality parts to ensure its safety and longevity. Advanced motor, more power, better blowing capacity.

Suitable for year-round use

This dryer is ideal for use in all seasons. Its properties make it particularly suitable for colder climates – dry ant type of coat very quickly.


  • With integrated ion technology.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Power: 1600 W.
  • Noise level – 78 dB.
  • Weight – 4.65 kg.
  • Blowing capacity of the dryer – 800 g.
  • Maximum speed 61000 FPM.
  • Maximum air flow – 180 CFM.
  • Maximum temperature – 44°C.
  • Plug – UL.
  • Colour: white

Made in China acc. to special order of Tauro Pro Line.