Misoko&Co - reusable diapers for male dogs

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XS, with puppies
S, with puppies
M, with puppies
L, with puppies
XL, with puppies
XXL, with puppies

Reusable nappies for males - practical and effective. Brightly colored, fun-designed reusable nappies are not only practical and useful, but also look fun!

Reliable protection

Suitable for pets prone to wetting due to excitement. Also for males prone to marking their territory. 


Can be washed more than 300 times, environmental friendly.

Easier travel and less inconvenience

Prevents trouble during long journeys. Helps to avoid troubles and inconveniences if you can not take your pet outside in time.

Excellent composition and easy to use

Made of 100% polyester, PVC laminate and microfiber. Easy to use – fastened with adhesive tapes.

Additional information. Washing is recommended in the washing machine in high-temperature water. Do not use fabric softeners and bleach when washing. Can be dried in a dryer or in a natural way. Do not iron.


  • Design – puppies.
  • Dimensions:

Xs(recommended for the following breeds: yorkshires, papilions, chihuahua, Maltese bichons): waist size – 4–7 in.

S(recommended for the following breeds: peony): waist size – 8-11 in.

M:(recommended for the following breeds: curly bean, pug): waist size – 12-14 in.

L:(recommended for the following breeds: West of Scotland terriers, medium poodles): waist size – 14–18 in.

Xl:(recommended for the following breeds: short-haired Hungarian stalls): waist size – 19-27 in.

Xxl:recommended for the following breeds: Hungarian zamenhunds, bulldogs): waist size – 27–35 in.

  • Composition: made of 100% polyester, PVC laminate and microfiber.